Top 4 smartphones that are perfect for audiophiles

Besides communicating, playing games and taking pictures, smartphones are used to listen to music on the go. Online streaming apps like Spotify and Tidal have encouraged people to listen to music using their mobile devices. According to a study, about 2% audiophiles now use mobile rather than PC for listening to music. Here are the best smartpones for audiophiles.

LG V20

This phone is popular for its audio features. It offers best quality music playback and has new recording features. It has a new DAC with a parallel sub-DAC configuration. This enhances the harmonic distortion and noise performance. There is a dedicated headphone amp having a high 2Vrms output. It also has a 75-stage analog volume control with left and right channel balancing control.

HTC 10

HTC mobiles focus on audio quality. This handset has excellent sound quality. The new speaker setups work with tweeter and woofer. These have their amp to reproduce accurate sound across various frequencies. It has a high-resolution audio processing system along with high-precision DAC making the sound clear and crisp.

Vivo V3Max

It produces HD and crisp audio quality. It is appropriate for sound and video playback. You will experience superior high quality music with this phone. The external speaker comes with loud volume and low distortion.

Sony Xperia Z3

It has a dedicated Walkman app. It also has ‘xcloud’ technology that prevents any crackling through the loudspeakers. It has 3D Surround Sound Technology and high-resolution audio. It is a very powerful device for audiophiles.

If you want to listen to high quality music, then buy one of these smartphones. These smartphones are created by emphasizing on the audio aspect. These are a good investment.

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3 tips to shop for audio gear

People are now taking music differently today. They are more sensitive to the sound. The traditional stereo system is no longer available. Now there are soundbars, multi-room wireless speakers that you can use from your phone using Bluetooth. There are also people who are listening to low quality music. If you are one of them to whom the sound matters, then here are some tips for you to shop for your audio gear.

Use Bluetooth speaker

If you are going to listen to music at home, you should use the Bluetooth speaker. Using this device, you can stream to s single system directly. You can also program streams to different rooms separately. These wireless, multi-room and app-driven devices are the future.

Good DAC

It is a stand-alone two-channel system with Bluetooth that combines an integrated amplifier and a high quality digital-go-analog converter. Devices like smartphones and computers have a DAC to convert signals to the analog feeds that can be played by the speakers and headphones. A good quality DAC has an excellent effect on the sound quality.

Fatigue-free listening

You should choose good quality speakers. There are different types of speakers in the market. Cheap speakers exaggerate high frequency sound. You should buy something that will give you a fatigue-free listening experience. If there is a system that gives you distortion, then you won’t feel comfortable listening to it for hours.So, you should buy a system with good sound quality.

You should keep these things in mind when you shop for audio gear. You should spend your money at the right place.You shouldn’t emphasize on marketing pitch or the appearance e of the products. You should concentrate on the function and quality of the device you buy.

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5 things to do for setting up your Hi-Fi system

A good Hi-Fi system can create wonderful sound at home. They can produce a soundstage with width, height and depth. They can show the layering and separation to the sounds in a mix. Sound of this level can connect with your emotions. To set up such a system, you should consider the following.

Size and volume of room

Every room has some acoustical distortion. You must find the correct size of room to minimize this distortion. You need to find the room where you will be able to hear everything.

Sound triangle

You should treat your speakers and listening position as ‘sound triangle.’ It is important to set these components correctly. You should make sure that the distance between the speakers and the distance between the speakers and the listening position are the same. The distance from the left and right side of the speakers to the side nearest side wall should be same.

Tuning of side wall

The reflections of sound are managed such that they arrive at your ears 10 to 20 milliseconds after the sound from the speakers. This is the ideal setup for getting the best sound.

High pressure area

There can be high pressure areas within your listening room. The front area of the room has the highest pressure. So, a special acoustic instrument must be given to this place.

Room acoustic distortions

Acoustic distortions can be of four types: comb filtering, speaker boundary interference effect, room modes and poor diffusion. Most of these distortions are present in every room to some extent. You should create a diffused sound field using a special tool.

Creating a soundstage can be tough. You need to do many things correctly to achieve it. Room size, position of speaker, pressure, reflection, etc. must be considered.

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