5 things to do for setting up your Hi-Fi system

A good Hi-Fi system can create wonderful sound at home. They can produce a soundstage with width, height and depth. They can show the layering and separation to the sounds in a mix. Sound of this level can connect with your emotions. To set up such a system, you should consider the following.

Size and volume of room

Every room has some acoustical distortion. You must find the correct size of room to minimize this distortion. You need to find the room where you will be able to hear everything.

Sound triangle

You should treat your speakers and listening position as ‘sound triangle.’ It is important to set these components correctly. You should make sure that the distance between the speakers and the distance between the speakers and the listening position are the same. The distance from the left and right side of the speakers to the side nearest side wall should be same.

Tuning of side wall

The reflections of sound are managed such that they arrive at your ears 10 to 20 milliseconds after the sound from the speakers. This is the ideal setup for getting the best sound.

High pressure area

There can be high pressure areas within your listening room. The front area of the room has the highest pressure. So, a special acoustic instrument must be given to this place.

Room acoustic distortions

Acoustic distortions can be of four types: comb filtering, speaker boundary interference effect, room modes and poor diffusion. Most of these distortions are present in every room to some extent. You should create a diffused sound field using a special tool.

Creating a soundstage can be tough. You need to do many things correctly to achieve it. Room size, position of speaker, pressure, reflection, etc. must be considered.

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