Hi! I’m David. I am an audiophile, and this is my blog.

I love music and high quality sound. I listen to all types of music on CD, DVD-Audio, Vinyl, digital files and high quality downloads. I have studied a lot about music, sound, and technology. I know there are people out there who lack such knowledge. This blog is intended to fill in that gap.

Through my blog I want to make sure that the audiophile community understands music and sound well. Here you will find reviews of computer and audio equipment, interviews with the senior people in the tech and audio industry, news about events, etc. I work as an audio consultant to different dealers, manufacturers, distributors, record labels and consumers. I know everything from personalized consulting to groups events. I have knowledge of both IT and audio which makes it easy for me to understand the latest technlogies involved with sound. I know how important good quality sound is and I want to share my thought about it in this blog.