Top 4 smartphones that are perfect for audiophiles

Besides communicating, playing games and taking pictures, smartphones are used to listen to music on the go. Online streaming apps like Spotify and Tidal have encouraged people to listen to music using their mobile devices. According to a study, about 2% audiophiles now use mobile rather than PC for listening to music. Here are the best smartpones for audiophiles.

LG V20

This phone is popular for its audio features. It offers best quality music playback and has new recording features. It has a new DAC with a parallel sub-DAC configuration. This enhances the harmonic distortion and noise performance. There is a dedicated headphone amp having a high 2Vrms output. It also has a 75-stage analog volume control with left and right channel balancing control.

HTC 10

HTC mobiles focus on audio quality. This handset has excellent sound quality. The new speaker setups work with tweeter and woofer. These have their amp to reproduce accurate sound across various frequencies. It has a high-resolution audio processing system along with high-precision DAC making the sound clear and crisp.

Vivo V3Max

It produces HD and crisp audio quality. It is appropriate for sound and video playback. You will experience superior high quality music with this phone. The external speaker comes with loud volume and low distortion.

Sony Xperia Z3

It has a dedicated Walkman app. It also has ‘xcloud’ technology that prevents any crackling through the loudspeakers. It has 3D Surround Sound Technology and high-resolution audio. It is a very powerful device for audiophiles.

If you want to listen to high quality music, then buy one of these smartphones. These smartphones are created by emphasizing on the audio aspect. These are a good investment.

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